My name is Brandon LeLeux and I’m your Libertarian option for Congress.

What I’m about:

I believe it is the right of each individual to make their own decision about their life and to live by their own accord. It is morally objectionable to force anyone to live or act a specific way. Our government continually invades our lives and attempts to do this on a daily basis.

The non-agression principle is the most important part of my ideals. It states that you do not initiate violence or threaten any individual or their property and you have the right to defend against those who would.

My stances on key issues:

  • Free market is a key to a free society and should be free of interference
  • The right to free expression (including religious choice) is inalienable
  • Your right to self-defense is of the highest value
  • Privacy and ownership of your information should be protected
  • Education and curriculum should be the decision of communities and families and school choice needs to be instituted
  • Government spending must be reduced considerably
  • Continuous involvement in regime change wars in the Middle East have to stop immediately
  • Decisions, rights, and choice must be brought down as close to the individual level as possible on all issues. You are a person, not a statistic.

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